Ventura Airporter Experiences

Ventura is the county seat for the Ventura County, situated along the scenic southern-most part of California’s Central Coast. It takes no longer than an hour by road from Los Angeles and Hollywood. It is located in the state of California. It was registered in the year 1866. Prior to 1891, it was named Shisholop by the Chumash Indians. It was also known as the City of San Buenaventura. With the population under 5,000 in the early 20s, it has gradually and steadily risen to over 107,000.

US Route 101 passes through Ventura, also known as the Ventura Freeway. State Route 33 proceeds northwards to Ojai while State Route 126 leads one to Santa Clarita and 118 to Simi Valley. The city also has the Amtrak train station that links San Luis Obispo to San Diego. The authority to manage city buses lies with the Gold Coast Transit and VISTA.

Facilities for the Ventura Visitors

The residents and visitors have the facility of traveling the Harbor trolley through suburbs and shopping malls falling between Downtown and the Harbor Village. It started its services in July “13. It does not ply on Mondays and Tuesdays. However it does ply on Mondays if it’s a holiday. It arrives every 45 minutes between 11am to 11pm. And if you are anxious, you have the luxury to talk to the driver personally! And it’s free too! It serves points such as the VC Fairgrounds, Ventura Visitors & Convention Bureau, Pierpoint Boulevard, The Rhumb Line Restaurant, Holiday Inn, finally the Ventura Harbor Village.

From Arroyo Verde Park to Grant Park to Rancho Ventura Linear Park, the city has a fair share of attractive parks numbering over 3 dozen.

Among the restaurants and dining destinations, you have the widest fare of cuisines from different parts of the world – Thai, Sushi, Indian – you are spoilt for the choice.

Airporter Bus service2 copy

There are quite a few airporter services in Ventura County. One of these operates 8 services each day to the Los Angeles international airport. The services are available for whole year. The fare is something around $35 one way. Some of these airport transportation companies offer you to become an online member. If and when you book your travel online 12 times in a row, they give you a ticket for free which you can redeem inside of a year. These buses or vans have pre-designated pick up locations. If you want, you can drive up to it, park at the designated spot, and enjoy special parking rates offered to passengers taking a specific airporter company.

Experiences of Airporter Services in Ventura County

Airport service1 copy

Few passengers have had great experiences. One of them landed at LAX and had business at Oxnard. The air connection was $1,000. A little time on the web and he found the airporter service for just $35 while a cab ride would leave your pocket lighter by over a hundred. The driver carries the ticket for you. The shuttle is squeaky clean with reclining seats. The flexibility is way too good. For instance, if you booked for 7:45 and happened to wrap up earlier, they are happy to accommodate you in an earlier shuttle. They would take the less trafficked routes and save you from the drudgery and if you were in luck, it would take you through the scenic routes so you end up enjoying the ride and time.

However some people have had not so good experiences to recount. In one instance the airporter company failed to inform the passenger that he would not be able to park his car at the designated parking due to certain construction being in progress. With great difficulty the passengers made it to the pickup point only to see the shuttle leaving. Despite seeing the passengers, the driver did not bother to stop. In another instance, this passenger was met by the shuttle at Oxnard, but the driver somehow did not have his reservation information. This passenger then had to pay in cash. The ordeal however did not cease here. To his amazement, before he could initiate refund, he found his credit card being charged for 3 trips! His pleas fell to deaf ears.

So there are good things and bad things, what matters most is what you have up there on your temple!


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